Strengthen your hybrid team's commitment and unity

Harmonee is a cohesion and development software for hybrid teams

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Hybrid working weakens attachment, engagement and cohesion



of the global workforce considering leaving their employer this year



of employees feel isolated and only 14% feel engaged or excited about work



of leaders notice a loss of team spiritand 65% of employees report a loss of social ties


Microsoft Work Trend Index (2021) - Malakoff Humanis (2021) - Empreinte Humaine (2020)

Harmonee creates new social interactions in your hybrid teams and develops their relational agility to improve their efficiency and well-being.


Our features

Relational Agility Index

Invite your employees to self-assess their self-awareness and the quality of relationships within their team with the Relational Agility Index.

Relationship goals

Improve trust, communication and collaboration in your teams by inviting them to take up the action, expression and training challenges offered to them.

Social monitoring

Provide your managers with an animation tool and a follow-up of the good relational health of their team thanks to the sociogram and the collaboration map.

What our clients say

"It's not just saying you want a caring culture, it's really doing it, and to really do it you need tools like Harmonee that materialize the vision of leaders."

"What we like about Harmonee is being able to develop a benevolent and positive management"

“Beyond simple gratitude, it helps establish a real positive dynamic in the company, break down silos in services and promote teamwork."

Strengthen your teams' ability to work positively and effectively together

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Harmonee's impact in your company



of users say that using our solution brings them more recognition and motivation on a daily basis.



of users believe the solution promotes collaboration between people and teams.



of users say that the platform has enabled them to develop their soft skills at work.


Survey conducted among 650 employees who have been using the solution for more than 3 months.



Official partner of Great Place to Work Institute



Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations. Automatic authentication with Google and SSO.



Non-intrusive solution. Security audit validated with an expert. Own safety device. Regular updates.



Servers hosted in France. Minimization of data processing. Compliant with GDPR.

Who is Harmonee for?

Harmonee is for leaders who want to :

  • improve engagement, attachment and cohesion within their hybrid teams,
  • prevent relational risks (isolation, poor integration, disengagement)
  • develop the emotional and relational skills required for working in hybrid mode

What are the objectives of Harmonee?

Harmonee enables leaders and managers to diagnose the quality of relationships within their teams and, through the achievement of collective relational objectives, to improve :

  • trust between team members, the key to employee well-being and the essential condition for developing authentic communication and a feedback culture within the group
  • the group's sense of identity, i.e. the feeling of belonging that strengthens their attachment to their company, stimulates the desire to achieve common goals and creates cohesion
  • the group's sense of efficiency, an essential condition for daily cooperation and a guarantee of the team's success
  • communication between group members and with their stakeholders, i.e. the ability to communicate about tasks, roles, successes, difficulties, solutions, experiences and learning
  • collaboration between group members and with their stakeholders, i.e. the group's intellectual capacity to pool the skills of each member to carry out complex tasks

Harmonee also allows employees to perform a self-diagnosis of their strengths and areas for improvement in emotional and relational intelligence skills. The personal relational objectives, proposed according to the results of each employee, allow them to develop

  • their self-knowledge, i.e. their ability to know their strengths and weaknesses, to overcome their fears, to understand their needs and desires and to recognize their limits
  • their self-regulation, i.e. their ability to understand their own thoughts and feelings, to regulate their emotions and to inhibit their impulsiveness
  • their motivation, their ability to show initiative, to remain optimistic even in case of failure, to know how to seize opportunities and pursue their goals with tenacity despite obstacles
  • empathy, the ability to understand the feelings and perspectives of others, to take a genuine interest in their concerns, and to understand group issues and power relationships
  • their social skills, i.e. their ability to inspire and guide groups and individuals, to initiate and manage change, and to negotiate and resolve conflicts

These collective and individual skills aim to improve the well-being and effectiveness of individuals and teams.

How long does it take to accomplish a relationship goal?

You have 15, 30 or 45 days to carry out the 3 actions related to your relational objective. You can succeed in accomplishing a goal in a shorter time: a relational goal varies between an hour and half a day, especially if it involves challenges to be achieved as a team.

What if I have a person with a disability on my team?

We invite you to contact us via the chat or the "Meet us" page to assess the feasibility of your request.