Relational goals

Personal development and team cohesion goals

Relational goals are challenges of action, expression and training, to be achieved alone and in a team, to strengthen bonds, self-knowledge and understanding of others.

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Make progress, one relationship goal at a time

Personnalisation 💌

Relational objectives are proposed to employees and teams according to their Relational Agility Index.

Gamification 🕹️

Each objective is linked to the Relational Agility Development Pathway and must be completed within a set time frame to be validated.

Certification 🎓

When they are validated, the relational objectives are transformed into a badge and can deliver a certification of the acquired knowledge.

Expression Challenges 💬

Develop positive attention to others and the ability to express emotions

The Expression objectives train employees and the group to develop empathy, the ability to identify and express emotions and create a feedback culture.

Training Challenges💡

Improve understanding of others and relationships

The training objectives aim to develop knowledge of emotions in order to better identify and control them on a daily basis, and thus enable employees to develop harmonious relationships.

Contents are produced by experts in Emotional Intelligence and take the form of video capsules and educational articles. A quiz allows you to validate your skills. A quiz allows you to validate the knowledge acquired during each training session.


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Action Challenges 🙌

"Progress by doing" and provoke social interactions between people

Action goals encourage your team to reach out to others, to become aware of their strengths and areas for improvement, and to gradually change the way they do things to develop their emotional and interpersonal skills.


Act on the first vector of employee well-being


Develop leadership and initiative


Enable better decision-making

Develop the emotional and relational agility of your hybrid teams