Relational Agility Index

Measure the relational agility of your hybrid team

Discover how your teams perceive their relational agility: their ability to know themselves, to identify and manage their emotions, to develop constructive and collaborative working relationships, as individuals and as a group.

The results of the Index allow us to propose personalized relational objectives and to improve your areas of progress as a priority.
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Develop self-knowledge and knowledge of others within your teams for effective and harmonious relationships.

Our Index offers a measure of individual and collective relational agility. It's based on the work of Daniel Goleman, Vanessa Urch Druskat and Steven B. Wolff on Emotional Intelligence.


Survey the quality of relationships in your team

Give your managers a tool that lets them discover their team's perception of the quality of their relationships. The collective index presents their strengths and areas for improvement on key dimensions of teamwork such as trust or the feeling of group effectiveness. 


Offer an Emotional Intelligence self-diagnosis

Self-knowledge consists in having a clear awareness of one's qualities and faults, of one's strengths and weaknesses. Our Index allows your employees to visualize the perception of their strengths and areas for improvement on the 5 dimensions of Emotional Intelligence.


Optimize relationships between your employees


Strengthen your team cohesion


Develop the relational agility of your team

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