Improve trust, communication and collaboration within your hybrid team



Engage your hybrid team and empower it to grow.

  • Relational Agility Index (individual)
  • +50 individual and collective relational goals
  • Training goal: exclusive training content on Emotional Intelligence and assessment tests of acquired knowledge
  • Expression goal: social recognition feature
  • Online assistance
  • Integrations : Slack, MS Teams


Less expensive and time-consuming than training


More systemic and practical than coaching


More efficient and sustainable than a team building

Emotional intelligence is the secret of personal and collective performance

  • Performance and well-being

  • Quality of service

  • Leadership

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Performance and well-being

Research shows that improving employees' Emotional Intelligence improves their psychological capital, which leads to better job performance and less burnout.

The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Job Burnout and Job Performance: Mediating Effect of Psychological Capital
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Quality of service

70% of the reason for losing customers is emotional incompetence (eg I didn't like the customer service from this company).
Forum Corporation on Manufacturing and Service Companies
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Organizations that value and widely use emotional intelligence are 3.2 times more effective at leadership development.

Human Capital Institute (HCI) and Multi-Health Systems (MHS)

Improve the efficiency of your employees and your hybrid team

Can we use Harmonee on the phone?

Harmonee is a responsive web application that can be used on phone, tablet and computer.

How to switch to the Pro plan?

To change to the pro formula, meet our team by making an appointment via this link:

What is so great about the Pro plan?

The Pro plan gives you access to essential data to monitor the relational quality and development of your hybrid team, such as:
  • your team's perception of the relational quality of your exchanges (Collective Relational Agility Index)
  • individual and collective progress in terms of relational agility
  • the soft skills recognized by your employees
  • mapping interactions within your team to understand relational dynamics and avoid isolation
  • mapping your team's collaboration with other teams in your company